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AGBell: Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center -

This is an excellent website for professionals and parents of children who deaf or hard of hearing.  It provides current information in the field of hearing loss, amplification, parent advocacy, and therapy to support listening and spoken language. It connects families, professionals and students to one another and valuable resources in the community.

Make sure to heck out our local chapter:   Colorado AGBell -


The Listen Foundation -

The Listen Foundation provides funding for auditory-verbal therapy services throughout the state of Colorado.  It is an excellent resource for families offering parent-toddler language groups and a parent education series covering a variety of topics each year. It also provides support to the Colorado Home Intervention Program by teaming with the birth to three program to provide trainings and mentoring to facilitators working with families across the state in the area of listening and spoken language.


Success for Kids with Hearing Loss -

This is a great website for supporting preschool and school age children, professionals and parents. It provides tools, activities, articles, webcasts, and monthly updates to promote strong oral language outcomes for children with hearing loss.


Cochlear Americas: Hope Online Courses -

Cochlear has many many recorded online courses for professionals and parents on a large variety of topics. Check back and we will begin to highlight a few of our favorites each month.  They also have listening tools and a reading room for additional information.


Advanced Bionics: Hearing Journey: The Listening Room -

The Listening Room is an excellent online resource of activities and ideas to support the development of listening and spoken language in children and adults.

Hands & Voices -

H&V is a parent driven, non-profit organization that offers many resources and support services for families who have children with hearing loss.  Our Colorado chapter is very active and is a valuable tool for advocacy and connections in the state.


National Geographic For Kids -

This is a wonderful tool to create interest and motivate children in interactive language building topics from around the world including animals, exotic locations and interesting unknown facts about some of our favorite things!

Hearing First-

This is a resource in our community that strives to educate, connect, collaborate and share the latest information for professionals who are passionate about listening and spoken language.

Rosie's Ranch -

Rosie's Ranch offers a truly unique experience for children.  Gentle loving horses inspire children to strengthen language and listening skills.

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