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Nanette Thompson is a speech, language pathologist and a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory-Verbal Therapist. She has an MS from the University of Texas at Dallas and has specialized in working with deaf and hard of hearing children for 20 years.


Nan provides diagnostic services and weekly speech, language and listening therapy to families, children, and adults. She conducts functional listening evaluations with children and adults to assist and help guide audiologists and educators to next steps with programming, equipment, adjustments, strategies and placement. She is also a Listen Referral Therapist and works closely with the Listen Foundation promoting listening and spoken language options for families in the state of Colorado.

Nan provides training and mentoring to many professionals throughout the state of Colorado working with deaf/hard of hearing children. She joins professionals on home/school visits and brainstorms next steps and effective strategies in the areas of auditory skill development, language expansion, and speech production.

In addition, Nanette also provides motivating and informative presentations nationally and internationally to promote maximizing auditory skill development in order to strengthen oral language skills in children who have hearing loss.


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