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To provide high quality family centered early intervention therapy services to deaf/hard of hearing children and adults who are working to develop listening and spoken language skills.

To provide high quality mentoring services to professionals seeking to increase their knowledge and expertise working with children and families to develop listening and spoken language.


​We are passionate about helping deaf/hard of hearing adults, children, families and professionals grow in the areas of auditory skill development, speech and language skills, and early literacy.


We work together with parents coaching them to embed listening and spoken language into natural daily routines using effective auditory-verbal strategies.  Children and adults are learning to maximize their listening skills using state of the art hearing aid and cochlear implant technology.


We use family strengths, daily routines, and play to guide parents to facilitate the development of their child’s listening and spoken language skills.


We use ongoing diagnostic intervention to maximize outcomes, following natural patterns of development in language audition, communication, cognition.


Our goal is to guide families to integrate listening and spoken language into all aspects of child’s life.


We team with high quality pediatric audiologists in the community to assertively manage a child’s access to sound through assessment, appropriate amplification using the latest technology, and daily listening checks.


We also provide mentoring to professionals who are motivated to strengthen and further develop their skill set in providing high quality early intervention to deaf children and their families through listening and spoken language.

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