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Personalized Consulting Services:
Please contact us to inquire about our unique learning opportunities designed to help your team maximize listening and language outcomes.

We work with organizations to develop unique training experiences to expand the knowledge and skill set of it's professionals.  These topics may include:

  • Coaching Parents to Maximize Daily Routines

  • Creating Sound Professional Relationships and Optimizing Your Team

  • Auditory Skill Development in Young Children

  • Exploring the Link Between Listening and Literacy

  • Using Speech Acoustics in Your Daily Practice To Maximize Spoken Language Outcomes

  • Strategies to Elicit Verbal Responses without Asking Questions

  • In addition, we frequently join professionals on home/clinic/school visits to brainstorm next steps and effective strategies in the areas of auditory skill development, language expansion, and speech production.  These sessions are some of our most fun and effective work!

We have recently developed the Listening 2 Learn Coaching Model,  A Provider Self- Assessment Tool for Early Intervention Providers Who Serve Families Using Listening and Spoken Language. The L2L is a tool designed to help Early Intervention providers systematically identify and prioritize how to support listening and spoken language.


We are excited to be providing consulting and individualized trainings for groups from a variety of backgrounds and don't forget!  We are easily able to join professionals using distance technology at any time!

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