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Dr. Kristina (Kristi) Blaiser is an Associate Professor of Speech-Language Pathology at Idaho State University. She earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Speech-Language Hearing Sciences from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Kristi's professional and research focus is to ensure children who are Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing reach their full potential, specifically through support and training of the adults who interact with them.
Dr. Blaiser is the Associate Coordinator for the American Speech-Language Hearing Association’s Special Interest Group, Childhood Hearing Loss and Disorders, the Idaho representative for the national Speech-Language Pathology Advisory Council, and a committee member of Idaho’s Newborn Hearing Screening Advisory Council.
Dr. Blaiser directs the Idaho State University HATCH (Helping Adults Talk to Children) Lab on the Meridian campus. Since 2015, faculty and students (graduate and undergraduate) from the HATCH lab received more than $450,000 of external funding, co-authored twelve publications, and 50 presentations at international and national conferences.

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