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We are thrilled to announce new learning opportunities for professionals working to increase their skills and knowledge base in listening and spoken language.

Empowering professionals through collaboration to enhance listening and spoken language development. We will work together to strengthen each other's skills in an active learning environment.

Listen and Chat:  an interactive monthly workshop for professionals who are eager to increase their skills in the area of listening and spoken language/auditory verbal therapy.

We will be discussing a variety of topics that changes to meet the needs of the group to include:

  • Auditory-verbal reading/research review

  • Case studies presented with collaborative brainstorming

  • Review of effective strategies

  • Review of current trends in early intervention and technology

Workshops and Trainings are provided on a variety of topics to parents and professionals to maximize spoken language and auditory skill development in children who have hearing loss.

We have recently developed the Listening 2 Learn Coaching Model, a Provider Self-Assessment tool designed to help Early Intervention providers systematically identify and prioritize how to support listening and spoken language.  We are excited to begin offering trainings and workshops  to support provider needs identified in the assessment.

Recent presentations include:

  • National EHDI Conference

  • Tele-Intervention: Maximizing Parent-Centered Early Intervention

  • Speech Acoustics and Understanding the Difference in Perception and Production

  • Team Building and Collaboration in the School Setting

  • Maximizing Daily Routines For Strong Listening and Spoken Language Outcomes

  • Using Self-Assessment Tools For Continued Professional Development

  • Auditory Skill Development and It’s Link to Literacy

  • ABC’s of Early Intervention for Listening and Spoken Language

  • Fun with Babies: Working to Strengthen Auditory Skill Development and Speech Production in the First 2 Years of Life

  • Using Self- Assessment to Increase Professional Skill Development in the Areas of Listening and Spoken Language


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